The “PURE TRUTH” celebrates every person and the paths they take to get to the pure truth of who they are. When we distill the busyness and chaos of our everyday lives into the pure essence of who we are, what’s important becomes apparent.

The PURE TRUTH represents an attitude towards life, the appreciation of oneself, including all the imperfections which mark one’s character, and the confidence to use what is available to better oneself in every way – both inside and out.

It is the ability to appreciate and cherish where we come from and the passion, hope and drive to dream the future we want into reality – simply put it is about pure confidence and self-assurance. The “PURE TRUTH” celebrates every person who is not so much in the middle of searching for their truth but rather, has already found it.

The Pure Truth is beautifully represented by a manifesto that encompasses this powerful state of being:

What is the Pure Truth?
It is knowing that I have the power to do more. It is demanding the best because
I know I am worth it. It is the ability to change on my terms. It is stripping away
the unnecessary for the purest answer within. It is me – unmasked and ready to face the future.

That’s the Pure Truth.

The Truth about Xeomin®

XEOMIN® is the ONE & ONLY highly purified US FDA approved botulinum toxin in the Hong Kong market that is free from complexing proteins.1,2

Why should you choose XEOMIN®, a highly purified botulinum toxin free from complexing proteins?

  • XEOMIN® is a purified botulinum toxin, free from complexing proteins and may have a lesser risk of antibody formations.3,4
  • Studies have not been performed to determine whether the presence or absence of accessory protein has a long term effect on safety or efficacy.
  • Unopened vial of XEOMIN® does not have to be refrigerated.3 Reconstituted XEOMIN® should be stored at 2-8°C, up to 24 hours.3
  • XEOMIN® at 1:1 dose ratio, display comparable efficacy and safety, when used at equivalent doses as OnabotulinumtoxinA (OnaBoNTA) in daily practice.5

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If you keep telling yourself you’re no good, you might just start believing it, even though it’s not true. Once you catch yourself engaging in negative self-talk often, stop the negative thoughts immediately and replace it with something that makes you feel good instead. You can reduce your negative thinking and build your confidence levels.


Invest the energy you spend trying to gain other’s approvals by spending more time on yourself. Put yourself first, ask yourself these questions – What can you do with your time today to make yourself better? What can you do with your time and energy today, to make yourself stronger, smarter, more confident and successful? You have the power inside you – a power unmatched – one that can heal you and inspire you and others. Start tapping into this by practicing on putting your happiness first.


If you’re finding a general negative attitude too pervasive in your life, try starting a gratitude journal. Expressing gratitude through writing not only has the effect of quantifying things we feel positively about, but the discipline of doing so forces us to break the cycle of thinking consistently negative thoughts.

4. SMILE 4

Your attitude is crucial when it comes to being and feeling beautiful. If you smile and always look on the bright side of life you will feel more positive and people will love being around you. We always find people who smile more beautiful than people with serious, frowning face expressions. Some people refuse to smile, because they believe smiling causes wrinkles, but the truth is it will make your face more pleasing than any make up.

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