Aesthetic Physician, UK

Dr. Goldie has been an aesthetic physician for 10 years and is the Medical Director of European Medical Aesthetics training, one of European largest training companies. Through Medics Direct, the UK training arm of this organization she has overseen the training of over 4000 medical professionals. She regularly lectures globally and has taught medical aesthetics in 30 countries covering a wide range of basic and advanced techniques with a special interest in applied anatomy. Medical director of the Advanced Rejuvenation Clinic, Dr. Goldie has private practices in London’s Harley Street and Henley on Thames. She is a member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, the chairperson of the UK Aesthetic Medicine Expert Group with whom she co-authored the UK expert consensus on prevention and management complications. She is also a board member of The Prime Journal of Aesthetic Medicine, and was recently voted as one of the top three aesthetic doctors in the UK for the past three years by peers at the British Aesthetic Medicine Awards London in December 2014.

Dr Goldie feels that, like her, Merz places a high value on the scientific validation of treatments and producing innovative, effective products. ‘These are my own aims’, she reveals, ‘to use convenient, effective products made with natural ingredients that are scientifically validated to produce the best possible results’.

How do you discuss the various botulinum toxin product choices with your patients?

I help my patients to understand the differences between the formulations available – some botulinum toxins contain complexing proteins while XEOMIN® does not. I explain that the purification process of XEOMIN® removes the complexing proteins which are not required for the therapeutic effect. Therefore, the only clostridial protein XEOMIN® contains is the active neurotoxin needed to produce the aesthetic outcome.

Do you inform your patients that XEOMIN® is free from complexing proteins?

I do explain that XEOMIN® is pure neurotoxin and does not contain any complexing proteins. I make sure my patients understand this and the rationale behind choosing a product that is free from complexing proteins.

Is it important that patients understand the benefits of a formulation of botulinum toxin that is free from complexing proteins?

Most of medicine and aesthetics is about the physician–patient relationship and it is my job to help patients understand my thinking in order to help them make the best decisions. Patients need to understand why it is important to use a formulation free from complexing proteins, so I must explain it in a way that patients understand. They are then equipped to make the decision themselves because they understand my rationale. I usually explain some of the basic science to patients. This is important information for patients – they are introducing something into their body so they need to know exactly what it is and why I recommend a formulation that has less excess protein with an unknown or no function.

How can these complications be avoided?

Complete facial analysis of anatomical structure and an individual’s use of their anatomy is vital to avoiding complications. Combining accurate, careful injection technique with a thorough knowledge of appropriate dosing can prevent most of the complications of the upper face.

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